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The Power of Learning at Your Fingertips

The Brain Parade app is a portable picture-based learning system. Designed to create, schedule and store learning plans, it makes educating easier and more fun for you and your child.

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A Smart,
Learning Tool

For teachers, doctors, therapists and parents, the Brain Parade app saves time, money and stress with smart lesson planning technology. Schedule and save at any level and go at your child’s pace.

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Get Closer, Get Smarter With Your Children

For any parent struggling to find help with learning words and pictures, Brain Parade makes the process easy and entertaining for all! Have family time and learn together.

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What is See.Touch.Learn?

Parents, teachers and early childhood professionals who work with special needs kids are continuously seeking teaching tools to help enhance the learning process and excite the young learner. See.Touch.Learn is a revolutionary language development app by Brain Parade that will open a whole new world for children with autism, language disorders and other special needs.

The mission of the founder and staff at Brain Parade is to build and expand special applications for the increasing number of children with language development problems. Classrooms are full of students who are eager to learn and capable of great things. See.Touch.Learn is the result of years of research by Brain Parade’s founder, Jim McClafferty, a master of innovative technology, who saw the need for an application that would serve the needs of these special needs children and meet the expectations of parents and teachers. See.Touch.Learn is a program that not only meets, but exceeds those expectations. The program consists of progressive educational games for kids that can be customized and fine-tuned for each child using the application. The lesson plans are simple to create, easy to administer and packed with fun for the child.



How is See.Touch.Learn Different From Other Educational Apps on the Market?

Schools are facing challenges from budget cuts to overcrowding in classrooms. Learning programs that are difficult to set up and implement without intensive training in their use are impossible for the classroom teacher to utilize. Teachers don’t have time for complicated instruction manuals or hours of self-teaching before presenting a learning program to their classroom. Parents want an app that can be set up quickly and ready to use with a tap of the finger.

Incorporating a superlative learning product for immediate use is easy with See.Touch.Learn. We offer on-site training for educators when requested, web training, and a help wizard, right in the app. Whether you are a parent using the app with your child at home, or an educator working with several children in the classroom environment, the See.Touch.Learn app is easy to use and readily expandable as your child masters each lesson that you create.



How Does It Work?

See.Touch.Learn is a visual learning and assessment system designed to teach children with autism and language development issues. There are three different editions of the app and they can be assessed and purchased based on the needs of the child or children who will be using the application. The program consists of high quality images that can be used to create stimulating lesson plans and educational games for kids. The images can be used in any combination and can be based on the child’s interests. The audio component keeps children interested and involved as they learn. You can even create lesson plans using your own images. Users can access the Brain Parade Community and share lesson plans and ideas with other users from around the world. There are 40 libraries available through the program containing more than 4,400 images and 2,000 exercises that can be adjusted and tweaked to your exact specifications.



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Getting Started is Easy

Click on the interactive demo and navigate the entire app. The demo will show you, in just a few easy steps, how to create a lesson, engage your student, and assess his scores. You won’t believe how simple it is to create a precise lesson plan using the breathtaking images within the app. Kids will be delighted to watch their lessons come to life as they click their way through the program. Parents are delighted when they see how quickly their child responds to the program and how eagerly they wait for the next lesson to begin.

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Who is Using See.Touch.Learn?

We have thousands of teachers from around the globe utilizing the See.Touch.Learn app in their classrooms every day. Schools, districts and therapy centers use our program to provide the children they serve with an interactive, customized visual methods to grasp concepts and understand language. Teachers and educators report success stories about students who have been completely non-verbal improving vocabulary skills and communicating in the classroom with the aid of this program.

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What Are You Waiting For?

See.Touch.Learn combines innovative technology, convenience, and a great language development concept. We provide our participants with a state of the art learning program for the autistic child and for any child who is struggling with the ability to communicate verbally. Our well-trained team is there to provide a premium level of support, and varied training options for you and your staff. No more bulky cards, and paper lesson plans. Our program is as accessible as your iPad!

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  • “This app is by far one of the best apps for helping children with ASD.”

  • “I LOVE See.Touch.Learn. and I can’t remember what it was like when I didn’t have it!”

  • “Thank you See Touch Learn for providing me the avenue me to create the best lessons I can for my students!”

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