See. Touch. Learn.® is America's Leading Picture Memory Education Application


The Power of Learning at Your Fingertips

The Brain Parade app is a portable picture-based learning system. Designed to create, schedule and store learning plans, it makes educating easier and more fun for you and your child.

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A Smart,
Learning Tool

For teachers, doctors, therapists and parents, the Brain Parade app saves time, money and stress with smart lesson planning technology. Schedule and save at any level and go at your child’s pace.

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Get Closer, Get Smarter With Your Children

For any parent struggling to find help with learning words and pictures, Brain Parade makes the process easy and entertaining for all! Have family time and learn together.

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  • Rolling back prices to 2012 06.23.14

    Rolling back prices to 2012

    See.Touch.Learn. Pro – Now Just $24.99 The lowest price since 2012! If you have been waiting to buy or to upgrade from See.Touch.Learn., the time is NOW! This price is only available until July 1, 2014 Click between.... Read More >>

  • Using See.Touch.Learn. with Foreign Language 06.17.14

    Using See.Touch.Learn. with Foreign Language

    Did you know you could use See.Touch.Learn. with languages other than english?  That’s right. We designed the combination of text prompts, text-to-speech audio prompts, and recorded audio prompts in See.Touch.Learn. to give you great flexibility in choosing.... Read More >>

  • “This app is by far one of the best apps for helping children with ASD.”

  • “I LOVE See.Touch.Learn. and I can’t remember what it was like when I didn’t have it!”

  • “Thank you See Touch Learn for providing me the avenue me to create the best lessons I can for my students!”

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