The evolution of the mobile, “app” mentality

The evolution of mobile technology has produced a paradigm shift in the way we use technology and the way we gather and share information and interact with each other. The iPhone in particular has changed the way we view “applications”.

In the past software applications were cumbersome, expensive, and bound to your PC or Mac. The iPhone broke the mold and established the marketplace for mobile applications – small, inexpensive, instant, “apps” that often deliver a single function. Now mobile app customers have multiple, single-purpose, portable apps instead of large complex applications. These customers also are entirely comfortable using mobile devices for functions that had previously been exclusive to the domain of the personal computer – apps like email, shopping, banking, and stock trading to name a few. The rapid growth of the mobile marketplace coupled with the explosion of social networking has opened the door for new functions like location-based services.

The result of this revolution in technology is that customers expect and demand increasingly sophisticated functionality in the palm of their hands. They have come to view the mobile platform as their primary tool for communication and connectivity.



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