Blog Archives: March 2014

Educational technology market – Ripe for change

The education technology marketplace is ripe for change and evolution. Portable, interactive, media rich devices like the iPad have the potential to entirely transform the education experience. In particular, those with learning disabilities or who struggle with traditional learning approaches can benefit significantly from tools developed on this platform. The combination of images, video,.... Read More > >

There’s an app for that – Really?

If you watch any TV at all, you’ve seen the Apple commercials and their tagline “There’s an app for that”. Apple has even trademarked that phrase. It seems like there is an app for just about everything you can think of and for many things you’d care not to (there are 874 “fart” apps)..... Read More > >

iPads Help Children with Autism Learn, Fit In

Photo by By Noah K. Murray/ The Star-Ledger An article in the New Jersey Star Ledger earlier this week highlights the increasing use of the iPad and iPod Touch as tools for working with Children with Autism. The article supports what I truly believe and have repeatedly said about this technology – it’s a.... Read More > >