Is 2011 the Year you get an iPad?

If you are thinking of buying an iPad for your child this year, here are a few recommendations.

First, to make sure that the iPad is right for your special needs head over to your local Apple Store at a quiet time during the day and let your child experiment with one. You’ll be able to see first hand if he/she connects with the device. Ask one of the staff to show you some apps that will allow your child to select, swipe, drag, etc. and get a feel for the iPad.

Then, if it’s a hit with your child, you can either pick one up then and there, or better yet, buy a refurbished unit on line. It comes with the same warranty, at a discounted price. If you are worried about refurbished products, I can tell you first hand that you won’t be disappointed. I have purchased multiple refurbished Apple products and have not had a problem with any of them.

Finally, there are two items you should definitely purchase:

AppleCareThe first is an AppleCare Protection Plan. It extends your warranty and support coverage to two years.

The second item you should buy is a case to protect your iPad and make it easier to handle. The iPad is a sleek device, but can be a bit slippery to hold. For some cases that I have personally used and can recommend, follow this link.

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