iPads Help Children with Autism Learn, Fit In

Apple gadgets help teen with autism

Photo by By Noah K. Murray/ The Star-Ledger

An article in the New Jersey Star Ledger earlier this week highlights the increasing use of the iPad and iPod Touch as tools for working with Children with Autism. The article supports what I truly believe and have repeatedly said about this technology – it’s a game changer (see my earlier blog entry). When families of, and professionals working with children on the spectrum are exposed to these devices and see how they can be used, they are quick to jump on board.

“Autistic children like Marc have taken to Apple’s popular devices, poking the tactile screens customized to their needs. It all began when parents started noticing that their autistic children were attracted to the touch screen technology of the iPad. Word quickly spread by word of mouth from parents to parent about this surprising new use for the computer.”

The fact that the iPad is a mainstream device and has a pretty significant “cool factor” is also a great benefit. Teacher Kelli DeRosa at the Reed Academy in Garfield NJ where they are using the iPod touch, sums it up by saying that the Apple devices can potentially “help autistic kids fit in with their peers who have the same devices. It’s not stigmatizing — everyone has one.” I couldn’t agree more.

For the full article, click here: NJ Star Ledger.

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