Sharing your list of favorite apps

Someone asked me if I knew of an easy way to share her favorite apps with friends without having to manually create a list and cut and past links to the app in the iTunes store. While I don’t know of a way to share your entire favorites list, there is an easier method than typing them all in an email manually.

You can share the names of your favorite apps and a link to each, one at a time, from within the iTunes Store. You just click on the little triangle on the button with the app’s price and choose “Tell a friend”. You will then be prompted to login and enter your friends email address.

Another option is to take a “screen shot” of your iPad (a picture of your iPad screen) and email it to your friend. He/she would see the names and icons for the apps and could search for them in iTunes. To take a screen shot, first make sure your iPad is oriented in “Portrait” mode – with the Main iPad button at the bottom of the screen – this will ensure the picture is oriented properly. Press the power button on the top right of the iPad and the main iPad button at the same time. A picture of your screen will be saved in your photos on the iPad. Launch the “Photos” app on your iPad and find the screen shot picture you just took. Select that photo and then click on the icon in the upper right of the screen to email the photo. See the photo below which shows the screen shot being viewed in the Photos app.

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