Educational technology market – Ripe for change

Child with iPadThe education technology marketplace is ripe for change and evolution. Portable, interactive, media rich devices like the iPad have the potential to entirely transform the education experience. In particular, those with learning disabilities or who struggle with traditional learning approaches can benefit significantly from tools developed on this platform. The combination of images, video, sound and text provide a powerful and effective learning experience. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said in an interview that he hopes the easy-to-use design of the iPad has helped children with special needs take to the device more quickly, but that its use in therapy wasn’t something Apple engineers could have foreseen. “We take no credit for this, and that’s not our intention,” Mr. Jobs said, adding that the emails he gets from parents resonate with him. “Our intention is to say something is going on here,” and researchers should “take a look at this.”[1]

Here’s a great video interview from the Wall Street Journal that discusses the use of tablets and the iPad in particular.

The educational technology marketplace is about to get very interesting and Brain Parade is going to be right in the forefront of it all! Stay Tuned!


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