Making sense of all the apps out there.

There are a great many of us who agree that Apple’s mobile devices are wonderfully suited for children and adults on the spectrum and with other learning or communication challenges. Companies like Brain Parade are working hard to create applications that make a real positive impact on peoples’ lives. For the families, caregivers, and professionals working with these individuals, finding the right apps can be an overwhelming challenge.

Fortunately there are many blogs and websites that help to guide you through this confusion by highlighting and reviewing some of these apps. Unfortunately, it can be just as difficult to find some of these sites. Over the next few weeks, I’ll highlight a few of those sites that I think do a great job of writing app reviews.

Please check them out and provide your comments below.

iAutism –

iAutism was created in September 2010 by Francesc Sistach and Susana Vila, parents of Sara, a beautiful girl with autism. According to the blog, “The purpose of the blog is to work in this direction by collecting information related to the use of visual and tactile technology such as the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad for people with ASD.” The app reviews are are quite well written and are posted in both English and Spanish. As of the end of January iAutism listed 134 apps on their site! Take a look, tell Francesc and Susana that I said hi, and let me know what you think!

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