See.Touch.Learn.™ Submitted to Apple for approval!!

We’re almost there . . .



We reached a major milestone last night. We completed testing of See.Touch.Learn.™ and submitted it to Apple for their review and approval!! This is the final step before making See.Touch.Learn.™ available in the iTunes store. Apple doesn’t provide any guidelines about how long this will take, but we’re hearing from other developers that the approval process is currently taking about two weeks. As soon as we hear from Apple we’ll let you know! I’ve included some screen shots from the application and I think you’ll agree that it looks great!

Now our focus is shifting from development to marketing and I can use your help to get the word out. You’ll be hearing from me shortly about some great giveaways we have planned to celebrate the product launch. In the meantime, please tell everyone you know about us, like us on facebook, and retweet our posts on Twitter!

As soon as we get Apple’s approval, I’ll let you know!!


So here’s what it looks like – These are actual screen shots from my iPad:

See.Touch.Learn. - Lesson Play

This is the lesson play screen



See.Touch.Learn. Manage Lessons

The Manage Lessons screen

See.Touch.Learn. - View Library

The View Library screen

See.Touch.Learn. Edit Lesson Help overlay

The Edit Lesson screen with help overlay

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