Video from iPad 2 Launch – iPad for Autism education

Yesterday’s iPad2 announcement was pure Apple flash and excitement. One really exciting part was a video that Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed which discussed the many uses of the iPad. Notable among those uses was as a tool for working with children with Autism. Howard Shane, PhD and Director for the Center for Communication Enhancement at Children’s Hospital in Boston discussed their use of the iPad saying that “The iPad is absolutely part of our clinical practice here. We’re not curing Autism, but we are offering a tool that improves the potential of a person with autism. It gives them more opportunities to be better communicators, to be better understanders, to be better learners. The iPad is clearly the next step. It’s a game changer.”

Wow a Game Changer! Where did I hear that before? (see my earlier blog entry)

The portion of the video that discusses autism starts at the 13:00 minute mark and continues for just under two minutes. You can see it below. To see the entire video from yesterday’s iPad2 announcement, click here.


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  1. Kristin says:

    Dr. Howard Shane speaks about technology & autism at KiDA’s 3rd annual Summit on Autism at UCI’s Bren Events Center on September 17, 2011. Dr. Shane and other experts will share about using technology to advance communication, connection, and development in kids with autism. More info at