Technology and Autism

Why are People with Autism Motivated by the Computer?

Today’s Community Connections email newsletter from Autism Speaks includes an interview with Vicki Clarke, Owner and President of Dynamic Therapy Associates, Inc. and Vicki provides what I believe is the clearest explanation of why a high percentage of people with autism are motivated by the computer. Vicki says, “I believe that this motivation is related to the predictability of the computer’s response. The user knows exactly what the computer is going to do when a specific action is completed (ex: clicking on the “x” makes the picture go away). Unlike interactions with people, the computer will always respond in an expected manner.


To read the full text of the interview, follow this link to the Autism Speaks Family Services Community Connections. And make sure to check out the Autism Speaks Resource Library Apps for Autism page where Brain Parade and See.Touch.Learn. are listed.

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