“Most Flexible tool (app) available for Educators especially for ABA Programs”!

Technology in Special Education reviewed the See.Touch.Learn.™ product on Tuesday and acknowledged the fact that See.Touch.Learn.™is a great tool for educators. In fact, they called it the “Most Flexible tool(app) available for Educators especially for ABA Programs”! They also pointed out the areas where they would like to see future improvements in the app. The good news is that I agree with virtually all of the suggestions and we are already at work on most of them! Follow this link to see the review as well as the comments that I left.

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  1. Tara Moccio says:

    This is my daughter’s info, she has a son that is only entering kindergarten and they continue to try to de-classify him since he is still so young to be diagnosed. Entering the school system it is critical that he enters without becoming devastated by the wrong impression of the environment in which he will be surrounded during his years of learning academics which he is totally capable of if his educators are aware of his needs and provided with the proper tools that meet his individual needs. Because each child has and Individual criteria. They are not all grouped together and handled as one “special needs” child as if there is a blanket curriculum available for “those” kids.

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