Special Education Category in iTunes App Store

Change makes it easier to find Special Education apps

During the iPad2 announcement on March 2, 2011 (see the video here), Apple highlighted the importance of the iPad as a special education tool. And obviously, you know where I stand on that subject – the iPad is a game changer when it comes to special needs education.

Apple has again raised the prominence of the Special Needs apps in the iTunes App Store by creating a category on the main App Store page for Special Education.

You will find the image above on the main App Store page in iTunes about halfway down the page. Clicking on that image above or in iTunes will take you to Special Education app categories listed below, each containing Apple’s recommended apps for that category. Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn.™ app is listed in the Communication section (although you need to click “See All” to see it because only the top 10 are displayed on the first page and See.Touch.Learn.™ is #11).

  • Communication
  • Hearing
  • Language Development
  • Literacy and Learning
  • Organization
  • Life Skills


Hopefully Apple will continue to enhance this important category and make it easier to find quality special education apps like See.Touch.Learn.™




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