8 New Libraries released for See.Touch.Learn.™

You Asked, We Listened!

New Libraries created from your requests!

Brain Parade released eight new Card Libraries for See.Touch.Learn.™ bringing the total to sixteen! Each created in response to specific users requests.


Candy Snacks and Desserts – $2.99

Clothing – $2.99

Money (US Currency) – $1.99

Dolch Sight Words -Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade – $0.99 each

Thank You to the Stamford, CT teachers for suggesting we create Dolch Sight-Word libraries for use in their classrooms!

The potential uses of See.Touch.Learn.™ are virtually limitless as was demonstrated by the introduction of the Dolch sight words.

How are you using See.Touch.Learn.™? Let us know at info@brainparade.com.



2 Responses to 8 New Libraries released for See.Touch.Learn.™

  1. Laura Elmer says:

    How difficult would it be to design a program that would allow a family to upload pictures. Our son has Trisomy 18 and marked delays. It would be great to upload a picture of his favorite toys, books or family members as we begin our long journey. Thanks for all you do.
    Laura Elmer

    • jimbrainparade says:

      Laura, thank you using See.Touch.Learn.™ and for taking the time to post your feedback. There are two items that we are working to incorporate into upcoming releases.
      The first is the ability to record your own voice for the prompts. This feature is being built right now and we hope to have it available as a purchasable option ($2.99 or less) in the next few weeks.
      The second is the ability to use your own photos. This feature will be available sometime later, in the year. This has always been part of the product roadmap and now with the camera in the Pad2 it will be so easy to use. We wanted to get the first version of the See.Touch.Learn.™ out there first to get feedback before making the additional investment in building the ability to use your own images. We made See.Touch.Learn.™ a free application so that everyone could use it and we will continue to add some new free features as well as some new paid features. A lot will depend on how many people download the app and how many purchase the libraries, so please help spread the word.

      -Jim McClafferty, Founder

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