See.Touch.Learn.™ v1.1 Released!!

Improvements make See.Touch.Learn.™ an even more powerful and indispensable tool for parents, educators working with special needs children.

We reached a major milestone in our product plans with the release of See.Touch.Learn.™ version 1.1. Since it’s launch in early March we’ve talked with hundreds of users about what they like and dislike as well as what they’d like to see in future versions. As a result, we released version 1.1 with several key improvements and additions.

Watch the video above to see these new features or read the details below.

Use your own voice – The most significant addition to See.Touch.Learn.™ is the ability to record your own voice prompts for each exercise. This is something that our users have been clamoring for and it’s a feature that we believe will significantly improve the effectiveness of the lessons. The voice recording capability is included as part of the Enhanced Audio Pack which can be purchased from within See.Touch.Learn.™ for a special limited time price of $2.99.

Auto-play audio prompts – The second most requested improvement is the ability to have audio prompts play automatically with each exercise instead of having to press the speaker button on each exercise. This can be enabled on the Settings screen.

Customize audio settings – We’ve also added the ability to customize the sounds associated with correct answers, incorrect answers, and lesson completion. Choose five additional sounds that are provided in version 1.1 or purchased the Enhanced Audio Pack which has 36 more to choose from!

Copy/Duplicate individual exercises – You’ve always been able to duplicate lessons, now you can duplicate individual exercises. No need to build each exercise from scratch, you can now duplicate an exercise and make any necessary edits.

Clearer button labeling – We’ve updated some of the button labels for creating new lessons and exercises so that they are more easily understood.

Built-in tutorial – We’ve updated the “Getting Started” section with helpful instructions and screen shots explaining how to use See.Touch.Learn.™

To download the updated version of See.Touch.Learn.™, click here or click on the App Store icon on your iPad.

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-Jim McClafferty, Founder – Brain Parade

6 Responses to See.Touch.Learn.™ v1.1 Released!!

  1. David Dilworth says:

    This app has a lot off potential. I understand why you charge for libraries. Got to be rewarded for your efforts. However, I would be more interested in this app if you charged more for a version that allowed you to use libraries of pictures I create. You could still sell libraries with a Professional version, but you would get a higher price for the app by giving the user the ability to create their own libraries. Think about it.

    • jimbrainparade says:

      Thank you for your comments David. We will be adding the ability to use your own photos in the future. That version will be a paid version (price to be determined). That has always been part of the product roadmap. We wanted to get the first version of the See.Touch.Learn.™ out there first to get feedback before making the additional investment in building the ability to use your own images. We made See.Touch.Learn.™ a free application so that everyone could use it and we will continue to add some new free features as well as some new paid features. A lot will depend on how many people download the app and how many purchase the libraries, so please help spread the word.

      Thanks again!
      -Jim McClafferty, Founder

  2. Katia Pereira says:

    I am trying to buy the audio enhanced app library, but I don’t know who.

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