Brain Power – Brain Parade founder discusses company’s success


Jim at the Apple Store

Brain Parade founder Jim McClafferty had an opportunity to speak with Ryan Doran at Westfair Online recently about Brain Parade, Apple, and developing apps for special needs children. The full text of the article can be found online here.

See.Touch.Learn.™ was chosen by Apple as one of just eight educational apps to be featured in U.S. stores, which host more visitors in three months than all four Disney Theme parks do in a full year.

“It’s an amazing amount of eyes to be in front of,” said McClafferty, founder of Brain Parade in Stamford. “I have the vehicle to make some great ideas happen in the education space. It’s not so simple though, you need the expertise to build the app, get it through Apple’s approval process and have people find it.”

Click the link below to check out See.Touch.Learn.™ for yourself and see what Apple found so compelling.

Available on the App Store

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