Custom Card Designer for See.Touch.Learn.™ v1.2

See.Touch.Learn. v 1.2 Released Today


Offers Custom Card Designer Add-on

We released See.Touch.Learn.™ version 1.2 today with an add-on feature that our users have been clamoring for – the ability to use their own images to create custom lessons! Our users have always raved about the stunning high-resolution image libraries available with See.Touch.Learn., but have always requested the ability to use their own images along with those libraries for items that are specific or personal to their students and children.

See.Touch.Learn.™ v 1.2 is still FREE and offers a new add-on option – Custom Card Designer. Using the Custom Card Designer, users can use their existing photos and, if they are using an iPad 2, even take new photos using the built in camera. They can use photos of family members, rooms in their house, familiar places, fast food restaurants, toys, pets, – anything at all – and integrate these images seamlessly into their lessons!

As a bonus the Custom Card Designer also includes the ability to create basic text cards! Create cards with a single line of text containing up to 30 characters!

See.Touch.Learn. v 1.2 and the Custom Card Designer provide the user with more tools to create even more effective, and highly-personalized lessons! It is available as an in-app purchase from within See.Touch.Learn. v 1.2 and is priced at $6.99.

Brain Parade prides itself on the close relationship it maintains with its users and on its willingness and ability to act on customer input. The release of this highly requested feature is an example of the benefits of that close relationship.


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