Crowdfunding – A creative way of funding your app development and marketing


Developing and marketing apps isn’t cheap (never mind the fact that many buyers expect all apps to be $0.99!) and the funding options available to developers are scarce, often cumbersome, and almost always onerous. Venture Capitalists are in the business of maximizing return on their investments so they will want control of their investment and will negotiate terms that put them squarely in charge. That of course assumes that you can interest them in your small business in the first place. They have the money, which means they have the leverage.

Appbackr brings the “crowd” factor to the equation and aims for the sweet spot where VCs don’t play. If you are looking to raise some cash up front to fund your development or marketing campaign without having to deal with VC’s term sheets and give away an ownership stake in your company, then appbackr is a great option.

Read my guest blog at Moms With Apps where I discuss Appbackr, an alternative for developers looking to raise capital to get their apps built and marketed.

-Jim McClafferty, Chief Brain

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