Join the Party! – Free and discounted Apps all weekend!

A4CWSN 3rd App Party

Gary James and A4CWSN (Apps For Children With Special Needs) is at it again. He’s corralled hundreds of app developers and organized a massive giveaway including free and discounted apps, iPads. In addition to the giveaways, Gary is raising money through developer and individual donations to support the A4CWSN iPad giveaways.

Brain Parade is reducing the price of all of our libraries to $1.99 or less and slashing the price of our new Custom Card Designer from $6.99 to $3.99! Promotional Pricing



Head over to the A4CWSN Facebook page at to participate beginning Friday Morning September 30 and continuing through Sunday evening October 2nd.

-Jim McClafferty – Founder and Chief Brain

2 Responses to Join the Party! – Free and discounted Apps all weekend!

  1. Natalie Briody says:

    Working for public schools with no funds is getting more difficult due lack of funding. I work with students 11 to 20 years old in one classroom without technology and very little curriculum. We need IPad’s to teach the students and replace educational aids that were not hired back. One iPad can teach a variety of lcognitive levels and prepare the student for the future.

    • jimbrainparade says:

      Thank you for the comment Natalie. I agree, the iPad can be a highly effective tool with the right apps and in the right hands. I applaud you and all the teachers and specialists who work tirelessly to make a difference in people’s lives.

      -Jim McClafferty, Founder

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