Our iPad mini Winner – Cindy Devine

Congratulations to Cindy Devine, winner of the iPad mini contest in the Brain Parade® Community!

Cindy Devine

Cindy with her new iPad mini.

The Brain Parade® Community (accessible from See.Touch.Learn.® Pro) is a place where See.Touch.Learn. Pro users can share lessons and libraries with eachother. Since its launch in November, over 400 new lessons and libraries have been shared! Cindy is one of those who has shared some great stuff with others. She wrote us a quick note that I would like to share with you.

Jim, here is my picture with your wonderful iPad mini. I have used it at work this week. The smaller size is great for portability! It fits in my purse. See.Touch.Learn.Pro is my go-to app with my Speech Therapy clients. Your libraries are fantastic and I can make lessons easily using your photos, or take pictures with the iPad and make my own card library. (The cats in the picture on the iPad are mine: Wally and Charlie.) I have made lessons to cover a variety of receptive and expressive goals. My clients think they are playing when actually we are working on specific goals to help them better understand the world around them and express themselves appropriately. I like that See.Touch.Learn.Pro is so customizable. I have had to turn off the Incorrect Answer Sound because some of the children liked it and started answering incorrectly just so they could hear it. I no longer have to use my low-tech paper photo flash cards because your photo libraries cover everything I use. I did have to take a picture of one of my children’s baby teeth, though, because I needed one tooth for my irregular plurals lesson. I am honored to have won the iPad mini. Thank you so much! See.Touch.Learn.Pro is a product I believe in. It has simplified my work and my clients enjoy it. What could be better than that?

Thank you Cindy!

-Jim McClafferty, Founder


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