Most Likely to Succeed Education Technology Product


SIIA Most Likely To Succeed AwardI just returned from San Francisco and the annual Ed Tech Industry Summit hosted by the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) where I had an opportunity to present Brain Parade and See.Touch.Learn. to the audience of 350 SIIA members.

I was part of the SIIA Education Division’s Innovation Incubator competition. Back in March over 70 education technology companies submitted applications for consideration. 10 semifinalists were chosen and invited to San Francisco where we had the opportunity to stand in front of 350 of our peers and tell them what made our product and our companies so special. The catch? We had only five minutes to do it. Each company had to fit everything they wanted to say in just five minutes. Let me tell you that is no easy task.

On Sunday we delivered our first presentations to the audience. There were some very intriguing products, interesting companies, and really smart and passionate people. We fielded questions from a panel of experts and had three minutes to answer them. Despite a technical glitch during my presentation, I felt very good about my chances. Later on that night I was notified that Brain Parade had been selected to move on to the final round of the competition with four other companies. We needed to deliver another five minute presentation on Monday, but this one had to be different.

The presentation on Monday went off flawlessly. I received some great questions from the panel I felt that I answered them well. The competition was good, but I had done my best and I felt pretty strongly about my chances. There was nothing left to do but wait until Tuesday when the winners would be selected.

On Tuesday during lunch See.Touch.Learn. was voted the Most Likely To Succeed Educational Technology Product and I accepted my award with great pride. Overall it was a great experience. I met some fantastic people, I received a lot of advice, and the next time that I have to boil everything into five minutes again in the future, I’ve got some experience to look back on. I’m looking forward to seeing what new opportunities this will bring for Brain Parade.

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