Sizing Your Images for use with See.Touch.Learn.

One of our most frequently received questions is “What is the best size for images for use in See.Touch.Learn.?”  We created a support topic that explains how to use the cropping feature that Apple provides in the Photos app to crop your images to the best size for See.Touch.Learn. I’ve posted the topic below.  

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What is the best image size to use with See.Touch.Learn.?

Since iOS 5 Apple offered users the ability to crop and resize images on the iPad. The cropping feature lets you constrain the proportions to several standard image sizes which is helpful in getting the right proportions for See.Touch.Learn. images. For best results, choose the 4 X 3 option for any tall pictures that you would like to use in See.Touch.Learn. This way you can choose what part of the picture is used in your lessons. Below are some screen shots that walk you through the cropping process on the iPad.

First launch the “Photos” app on your iPad and select the image you want to work with and press the Edit button.
select image

Next Press the Crop button at the bottom of the screen.
press crop image

From this screen you can drag and resize the crop area or select the constrain button which will let you choose from a list of pre-programmed sizes.
drag and resize image

Choosing a 4X3 size will give you an image proportion that is closest to the See.Touch.Learn. card size. Then drag and reposition the image within the grid until you are satisfied with the area that you want to use.
drag and reposition image

Finally, press the crop button and you will be asked to save this new image to your camera roll where you can use it in the My Cards library in See.Touch.Learn.
new image is cropped


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