Is it Back to School time already?

Summer always seems to go by fast, but this summer seemed especially brief.  Maybe it’s the prospect of sending two of my three children off the college this fall or perhaps it’s simply all the exciting activity going on at Brain Parade this summer.  As the summer comes to a close, I thought it would be a great time for a Back to School Sale and a good time to give you an update on what’s new and what you can expect to see from Brain Parade this fall.

Back to School Sale – Normally parents and teachers love Back to School sales, but kids hate them because it means the end of summer. Well your kids are going to love our Back to School sale because it means they’ll get to use the latest, most exciting and effective visual instruction system when they return to school! Now through September 1st, get See.Touch.Learn. Pro for just $23.99! That’s a 40% discount off our normal pricing and the lowest price since 2011!

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>> Major News <<

Version 3.0 of See.Touch.Learn. – In March we released the most significant update to See.Touch.Learn. since it was first launched.  A new look, an automated exercise generator, student data tracking, and an interactive help wizard are among the top new features that customers have raved about.

See.Touch.Learn.® Site Edition – More than just an app, See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition is a total solution of software, content, training and support designed for groups of 10 or more users. See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition provides schools and agencies with extended data collection capabilities, access to new content, and the ability to share lessons and libraries among their staff privately. It also includes a premium level of training and support only available to SITE Edition customers. Schools have been asking for more than just an app, and Brain Parade is among the first companies to deliver an answer.

Early Adopter Program – Since the day we first launched See.Touch.Learn., we have actively sought our customers’ feedback and we have implemented over 35 improvements based on those suggestions. With the recent rollout of See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition, we are looking for a few Early Adopters to give us detailed feedback in exchange for special pricing. If you have 10 or more users and you are interested in becoming an Early Adopter, contact me at

>> Coming this Fall <<

Professional Lesson Sets – We will soon be announcing lesson sets developed by our professional team and aligned with specific curriculum and assessments. Among the first lessons sets will be those aligned with the ABLLS and VB-MAPP assessments.  Following shortly afterwards will be lessons aligned with ESL assessments. These are designed to make you even more productive with See.Touch.Learn. If there are other lesson sets you would like to see, let us know at

Distribution Partners – Brain Parade is entering into partnerships with some of the most recognized names in the education technology industry to bring our products and services directly to you.  Soon you’ll be able to order See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition and content directly from the distributor that you are already working with.

New Products – We’re at work on a new product which will help you more effectively manage your students’ lesson plans. We are partnering with the Stamford, CT Public School district to develop this innovative new product and are targeting availability in early 2015.


So what do you think of our plans?  How would you improve See.Touch.Learn.? We’d love to hear what you have to say. Email us at and share your thoughts!

-Jim McClafferty, Founder


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