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Education apps won’t replace teachers

Republished with permission from TeachersWithApps During the last two centuries there were a lot of innovations that have forever and dramatically changed the life of humankind. To name a few: electricity, space travel, computers, modems, the Internet, and, among the latest ones, mobile phones & tablets. It is so exciting to live at this particular.... Read More > >

Special Education App Update

See.Touch.Learn. special education apps receive new features At Brain Parade we listen carefully to our customers so we can continue to improve our special education products and services. As a result, See.Touch.Learn. is consistently one of the most highly rated autism apps available. Many key features in our autism apps have come as a.... Read More > >

5 Stars for See.Touch.Learn. special education app

The Educational App Store (EAS) recently reviewed See.Touch.Learn. special education app and gave it 5 Stars and the coveted “EAS Recommended” badge. EAS are educational app specialists, who provide hands on reviews of education apps from the perspective of the professional educator. The group also provide personalized services relating to the successful integration of.... Read More > >

Add holiday fun to See.Touch.Learn. lessons

Sláinte! That’s Irish for “Good Health!” Add some holiday fun to your lessons using the Brain Parade holiday libraries or using your own pictures. You can find the “Misc Holidays” library in the Brain Parade Community. It includes images for St. Patrick’s day and a few other holidays. To find it, open See.Touch.Learn. and click the globe.... Read More > >