Add holiday fun to See.Touch.Learn. lessons

St. Patricks Day CloverSláinte! That’s Irish for “Good Health!”
Add some holiday fun to your lessons using the Brain Parade holiday libraries or using your own pictures. You can find the “Misc Holidays” library in the Brain Parade Community. It includes images for St. Patrick’s day and a few other holidays. To find it, open See.Touch.Learn. and click the globe icon to enter the community and then search for Holiday libraries.


St-Patricks-Day-LessonsStephanie also created the St. Patrick’s day themed lessons you see here. You can find them in the Brain Parade Community by searching for “St. Patrick”. Download those lessons and thousands more directly to your iPad! And share your lessons in the community so that others can use them as well!

Did you know that See.Touch.Learn. includes FREE holiday themed libraries? Look for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in your libraries list.

Click here to learn how you can get See.Touch.Learn. for your entire school!

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