5 Stars for See.Touch.Learn. special education app


The Educational App Store (EAS) recently reviewed See.Touch.Learn. special education app and gave it 5 Stars and the coveted “EAS Recommended” badge. EAS are educational app specialists, who provide hands on reviews of education apps from the perspective of the professional educator. The group also provide personalized services relating to the successful integration of mobile learning in schools, colleges and universities.

The EAS believe that a focus on matching educational apps to the curriculum is key for ensuring that both educators and learners get the most out of their mobile learning experience, which is why they focus on performance, educational value and curriculum alignment when assessing the apps.

Here is what they had to say about our See.Touch.Learn. special education app


“. . . a ‘one-stop’ platform where instructional lessons can be created and shared for those working in special educational needs.”

“When creating your own lesson the app provides everything you need to do so easily including setting the skill level, the subject and the type of lesson you are creating. With templates already set up for you this not only saves times but makes the end product one that will be used over and again and can be adapted to individual students’ needs rather than a generic set of lessons.”

“Outside of all these excellent features the one that I liked the most is the community tab. Within this you have access to lessons and knowledge of others using the app. This means that you have access to an ever increasing amount of information and resources to allow educators and practitioners the ability to save time and create the best lessons for their students and so help the students to make as much progress as possible.”

“Overall this is very useful tool for those working with special education needs students that has the dual purpose of creating resources and instructional lessons and also allowing the students to then access these lessons.”


For the full review, visit the Educational App Store here.


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