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See.Touch.Learn. special education apps receive new features

At Brain Parade we listen carefully to our customers so we can continue to improve our special education products and services. As a result, See.Touch.Learn. is consistently one of the most highly rated autism apps available. Many key features in our autism apps have come as a direct result of feedback from users working with special needs children. Regardless of your specific teaching strategies or the learning disabilities you are working with, our educational apps help improve the effectiveness of your teaching. We are excited to let you know about some new features included in the just-released update to our educational apps for autism.


See what’s new in our language development apps

>> One-tap download: (See.Touch.Learn. Pro only; SITE edition update coming soon) You can now download ALL of our language development image libraries with a single tap! No more one-at-a-time downloads. Simply click on the Download All button and sit back and watch! Special education professionals using applied behavior analysis and discrete trial training can quickly access the entire set of 4,400+ images to create educational games for their special education students.

Download All Special Education Libraries


>> Multi-image import: (All versions of See.Touch.Learn.) Choose and add multiple images to your “My Cards” library. No more selecting images individually. This is a huge time saver if you are looking to add a bunch of photos to use in See.Touch.Learn. Using images that the child is familiar with is a great way to make your language development lessons more effective for children with autism.

select multiple special education images


>> Randomize Exercise Sequence: (All versions of See.Touch.Learn.) Successful visual instruction teaching strategies use randomization to ensure that students don’t memorize image locations. Brain Parade’s special education apps have allowed you to randomize the position of cards within a lesson, but many of you have asked for the ability to randomize the sequence of the exercises themselves. We listened and we added a selection on the Settings screen that lets you do just that! Simply tap the slider until it’s green and your exercise sequences will be randomized each time you play a lesson. (NOTE: Choosing the “Save Progression in Lesson” feature will disable the randomization for any lesson you return to.)

Randomize sequence of special education exercises


>> Save Progress in a Lesson: (All versions of See.Touch.Learn.) Working with special education students can be unpredictable and sometimes a special needs teacher needs to exit a lesson and come back at a later time. It would be a great convenience to be able to save your progress in a lesson and return where you left off later. Now you can choose an option on the settings screen that will allow you do that. Tap the slider for “Save Progression in Lessons” and when you return to a lesson, you will be prompted to “Resume Lesson” where you left off.

Save special education lesson progress



Which of our special education apps do you use? Tap yours to download the update now!

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