Autism app prices slashed by 51%

This morning we issued a press release announcing that we are reducing the price of See.Touch.Learn.® Pro by 51% to just $16.99 (USD). That’s the lowest price ever for this autism and special needs app.


Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of special education professionals, teachers, behavior consultants, speech pathologists, paraeducators, special education directors, principals and administrators. One very positive common theme I found is that they are all passionate about doing the best that they can for the special needs students in their care. Another theme that is just as common, although not a positive one, is that they are continually struggling with tightening budgets and increased responsibilities.

The overwhelming majority of those I spoke with felt that See.Touch.Learn. would provide great value to the education professionals and the students that they work with – saving time, saving money, and delivering more effective instruction. The problem in many cases however was that they didn’t have the budget to purchase See.Touch.Learn. While See.Touch.Learn. Pro already represents an incredible value compared to the thousands of dollars that an equivalent amount of flash cards would cost, in many cases the price was still an obstacle.

We held many discussions at Brain Parade about how to better communicate this value, but ultimately we decided that the best approach would be to reduce the price by an amount that would be significant enough to make a difference. We decided to cut the price in half.

We recognize that the price reduction will have an impact on Brain Parade as well, it is our sincere hope that getting See.Touch.Learn. into the hands of even more special education professionals will more than make up for it.

What you can do

  • If you have considered purchasing See.Touch.Learn. Pro but the price stopped you, now is the time to get See.Touch.Learn. Pro at just $16.99. You can download it here:
  • If you already have See.Touch.Learn. Pro, please tell your colleagues about the great new pricing, share this post on Facebook, Twitter and via email and tell everyone to go download it now at

We’ve got some additional exciting announcements planned for this summer so stay tuned!

-Jim McClafferty

P.S. Check out the awesome promotional video that the UCONN Digital Media and Design students created for Brain Parade. It is truly top-notch.


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