Disney’s “Inside Out” Helps Autism Families

Disney - Inside Out

Have you seen the latest Disney Pixar movie, “Inside Out”? The newest Disney movie follows Riley, an 11-year-old girl as she moves to a new city and deals with the different emotions such a move entails. The emotions are the characters in the story – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. While it probably was not an intention of the movie’s creators, the story is helping autism families have conversations with their children about their emotions.

By creating visual characters and colors for each of these emotions, Disney has given autism families some new material to use when discussing feelings and emotions with their children. Using the movie parents can use conversation starters like “Which was your favorite character (emotion), and why?” or “How do you think your emotions are like those in the movie?”

In our See.Touch.Learn. app, Brain Parade also includes an Emotions library of images depicting many emotions. And there are plenty of lessons in the Brain Parade Community about emotions. Just search for “Emotion” to see all the lessons. In fact, Stephanie just created three new emotions lessons and placed them in the Brain Parade Community. They are highlighted in the screen shot below. Visit the Brain Parade Community in See.Touch.Learn. by pressing the globe icon on the left of the screen. Download lessons and share your too!


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