#1 Special Education App for Back to School

Each school year brings a slew of new special education apps to help teachers provide more effective instruction to their students with autism, speech delays, and other special learning needs. Some are truly groundbreaking and others, well, not so much. But there is one special education app that teachers, behavior consultants, speech therapists and other professionals come back to year after year for their special needs students. See.Touch.Learn. by Brain Parade.
See.Touch.Learn. special education app
Since 2011, See.Touch.Learn. has been the back to school special education app chosen by thousands of special education professionals.

Why? The short answer – It’s simply the most effective and easy to use visual instruction tool available. Plus, See.Touch.Learn. provides an incredible value for today’s budget conscious districts, schools and teachers, especially with our most recent price reduction.

See.Touch.Learn.® Pro with over 4,400 images – Now just $16.99!

Compare See.Touch.Learn. to old fashioned flash cards and download your copy today!

See.Touch.Learn.® Pro Old Fashioned Flash Cards
Portable ✅ YES – 4,400+ images on your iPad ❌ NO – Bulky, heavy boxes of cards
Durable ✅ YES – Virtual cards never wear out! ❌ NO – Many cards must be replaced annually
Multiples ✅ YES – Use up to 6 of the same image in your lesson ❌ NO – Only one of each card per box
Save/reuse lessons ✅ YES – Save, copy and share lessons! ❌ NO – Cards must be collected and rearranged for each lesson
Find cards ✅ YES – Search by feature, description and get immediate results ❌ NO – Sift through piles of cards to find what you need
Add new cards ✅ YES – Use the iPad camera or search the internet and add an image in seconds ❌ NO – Find, print, cut, laminate – takes time and $
Student data ✅ YES – Save student scores after each lesson ❌ NO – Manually capture student scores
Cost Effective Only $16.99 for 4,400 images
less than $0.004 per card!
Up to $150 for a box of 350 cards
more than $0.43 per card
11,000% MORE THAN See.Touch.Learn.!

✅ Today’s Solution

❌ Yesterday’s News

download See.Touch.Learn. Pro special education app

Click here to download See.Touch.Learn.® Pro now.
The #1 visual instruction app used by special needs professionals.


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