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Brain Parade Partners with Autism Speaks for Mega iPad Giveaway

On Dec. 9 Autism Speaks shipped 800 iPads and 800 copies of See.Touch.Learn. Pro to individuals in the autism community across 46 states. The recipients were between the ages of 4 and 60 years old and were selected from almost 16,000 applicants to the Autism Speaks grant program. Brain Parade is delighted to be a sponsor.... Read More > >

Debra Bryant Joins Brain Parade Advisory Board

 I am delighted to announce that Debra Bryant has joined the Brain Parade Advisory Board. She has been an avid user of See.Touch.Learn. to help her clients achieve successful results since 2011. During our collaboration over the past two years I have always been impressed with her passion for identifying innovative solutions that help.... Read More > >

The Impact of Autism on Our Schools

Education Talk Radio - The Impact of Autism on Our Schools Brain Parade president Jim McClafferty appeared on Larry Jacobs’ Education Talk Radio along with Kevin Custer from Arc Capital Development to discuss the Impact of Autism on our Schools and our attendance at the Autism Society Conference last week in Pittsburgh. Click the image below to listen to the broadcast. Listen to.... Read More > >

iPad Insight says, “See.Touch.Learn. – Great Looking iPad App for Those with Autism and Special Needs”

See Touch Learn – Great Looking iPad App for Those with Autism and Special Needs See. Touch. Learn. is a hugely impressive looking iPad app from Brain Parade, a publisher dedicated to creating solutions for children with autism and other developmental challenges. The app is described as “a picture learning system for the iPad.... Read More > >

Brain Parade Featured in Student’s Honors English Project

Inspired by the TEDx Classroom Project, Teacher Mark Weidman asked his “100 Honors students to articulate what matters most to them . . . a new kind of research process: one that takes them into the world of thought, invention, and inspiration that is” One student, Jasmine M., chose to speak about helpful.... Read More > >

Evolving Technology in the Classroom

Brain Parade President, Jim McClafferty was interviewed by the Westchester County Business Journal for an August 5th article on the technology evolution in the classroom titled “Taking the Screech out of Chalk”. “Education on all levels has latched on to technology”, said McClafferty. “iPads are becoming very prevalent in the schools . . ..... Read More > >

Brain Parade Interviewed on

On Friday, Stephanie O’Brien and I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Bradbury at and participating in his latest podcast recording. For those of you who are not familiar with the term podcast, it’s essentially a recorded radio program that you download from iTunes the same way you download a song. You.... Read More > >

Return the Special Education Category to iTunes!

When Apple launched the iPad2 they showed a video of special needs children using and benefitting from the technology (see excerpt of the video here). Shortly afterwards, Apple had a Special Education Category on the front page of the iTunes App Store. It disappeared in April 2011 and hasn’t been seen since. You can.... Read More > >

$0.99 libraries all weekend long !!

Celebrate with Brain Parade In the U.S. we’re celebrating Independence day In Canada, they’re celebrating Canada Day. At Brain Parade we’re celebrating . . . . . . well, we’re just celebrating! We’ve reduced the price of all of our libraries to $0.99 USD July 2nd – July 4th. Our Light It Up Blue.... Read More > >