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Debra Bryant’s guest blog on SmartBlog on Education

Debra Bryant is and expert and a thought leader on using technology to more effective reach the special need population.  She recently shared her thoughts with Smart Blog on Education and she had some nice things to say about Brain Parade and See.Touch.Learn. too.  Debra says that See.Touch.Learn. “has allowed me to develop skill-building.... Read More > >

Brain Parade Partners with Autism Speaks for Mega iPad Giveaway

On Dec. 9 Autism Speaks shipped 800 iPads and 800 copies of See.Touch.Learn. Pro to individuals in the autism community across 46 states. The recipients were between the ages of 4 and 60 years old and were selected from almost 16,000 applicants to the Autism Speaks grant program. Brain Parade is delighted to be a sponsor.... Read More > >

See.Touch.Learn. Stimulates Minds

Fractus Learning chose See.Touch.Learn as one of “5 Different Education Apps to Stimulate Your Child’s Mind.” It’s easy to see why we made the list. There are thousands of images to choose from in this learning tool for children with special needs. Discover more here.

Say Hello to our iPad mini winner

Last week we concluded the “Share Your Story” promotion and chose one lucky contributor to receive an iPad mini. Congratulations Monika of Fort Worth, TX and her son Manny pictured here with his new iPad. We’ll post some of the great stories we received right here soon! -Jim

A Very Rewarding Event

  September 19, 2012 I’m sitting on a flight home from St. Louis and reflecting on the past two days at the Touch Technology Applications for Children with Special Needs Conference. I first became aware of this event when a Facebook friend Debra Bryant told me about it. Debra is a BCaBA, LBA, and.... Read More > >

HUUUUUUGE Back to School SALE!!

  Brain Parade® is Celebrating Back to School by putting Everything On Sale! ** Until September 23rd Only! ** Now’s your chance to purchase libraries for See.Touch.Learn. or upgrade to See.Touch.Learn. Pro 2012 at big discounts! All Libraries reduced to $1.99 $0.99 Custom Card Designer reduced to $3.99 $2.99! See.Touch.Learn.™ Pro 2012 reduced to.... Read More > >

Brain Parade Featured in Student’s Honors English Project

Inspired by the TEDx Classroom Project, Teacher Mark Weidman asked his “100 Honors students to articulate what matters most to them . . . a new kind of research process: one that takes them into the world of thought, invention, and inspiration that is” One student, Jasmine M., chose to speak about helpful.... Read More > >

New Libraries Released – Emotions and Community Helpers

Brain Parade® released two new libraries for See.Touch.Learn.® and See.Touch.Learn. Pro 2012 today. The Emotions library contains 72 images and 60 exercises. The Community Helpers library contains 81 images and 60 exercises. Both are available immediately for download from within the See.Touch.Learn. app. They can be downloaded for free within See.Touch.Learn. Pro 2012, and.... Read More > >