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Disney’s “Inside Out” Helps Autism Families

Have you seen the latest Disney Pixar movie, “Inside Out”? The newest Disney movie follows Riley, an 11-year-old girl as she moves to a new city and deals with the different emotions such a move entails. The emotions are the characters in the story – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. While it probably was not an intention.... Read More > >

Autism app prices slashed by 51%

This morning we issued a press release announcing that we are reducing the price of See.Touch.Learn.® Pro by 51% to just $16.99 (USD). That’s the lowest price ever for this autism and special needs app. Why? Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of special education professionals, teachers, behavior consultants, speech.... Read More > >

Special Education App Update

See.Touch.Learn. special education apps receive new features At Brain Parade we listen carefully to our customers so we can continue to improve our special education products and services. As a result, See.Touch.Learn. is consistently one of the most highly rated autism apps available. Many key features in our autism apps have come as a.... Read More > >

Add holiday fun to See.Touch.Learn. lessons

Sláinte! That’s Irish for “Good Health!” Add some holiday fun to your lessons using the Brain Parade holiday libraries or using your own pictures. You can find the “Misc Holidays” library in the Brain Parade Community. It includes images for St. Patrick’s day and a few other holidays. To find it, open See.Touch.Learn. and click the globe.... Read More > >

Is it Back to School time already?

Summer always seems to go by fast, but this summer seemed especially brief.  Maybe it’s the prospect of sending two of my three children off the college this fall or perhaps it’s simply all the exciting activity going on at Brain Parade this summer.  As the summer comes to a close, I thought it would.... Read More > >

Top 5 New Features in See.Touch.Learn. Pro 3.0

The most significant update to See.Touch.Learn. since its launch! We are days away from submitting the latest major update to See.Touch.Learn. to Apple for review. This update is jam packed with new features, improvements and and a slick new look that takes advantage of Apple’s latest iOS7 software. I thought I would give you.... Read More > >

Brain Parade Announces See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition

Brain Parade is proud to announce the latest product in our suite of award winning applications – See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition. Click here for more details on See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition. See the Full Press Release Here