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Special Education App Update

See.Touch.Learn. special education apps receive new features At Brain Parade we listen carefully to our customers so we can continue to improve our special education products and services. As a result, See.Touch.Learn. is consistently one of the most highly rated autism apps available. Many key features in our autism apps have come as a.... Read More > >

Add holiday fun to See.Touch.Learn. lessons

Sláinte! That’s Irish for “Good Health!” Add some holiday fun to your lessons using the Brain Parade holiday libraries or using your own pictures. You can find the “Misc Holidays” library in the Brain Parade Community. It includes images for St. Patrick’s day and a few other holidays. To find it, open See.Touch.Learn. and click the globe.... Read More > >

Using See.Touch.Learn. with Foreign Language

Did you know you could use See.Touch.Learn. with languages other than english?  That’s right. We designed the combination of text prompts, text-to-speech audio prompts, and recorded audio prompts in See.Touch.Learn. to give you great flexibility in choosing how you want to use language in your instruction. You can use english for your text prompts, and record.... Read More > >

Sizing Your Images for use with See.Touch.Learn.

One of our most frequently received questions is “What is the best size for images for use in See.Touch.Learn.?”  We created a support topic that explains how to use the cropping feature that Apple provides in the Photos app to crop your images to the best size for See.Touch.Learn. I’ve posted the topic below.   Be.... Read More > >

Crowdfunding – A creative way of funding your app development and marketing

Developing and marketing apps isn’t cheap (never mind the fact that many buyers expect all apps to be $0.99!) and the funding options available to developers are scarce, often cumbersome, and almost always onerous. Venture Capitalists are in the business of maximizing return on their investments so they will want control of their investment.... Read More > >

Special Education Category in iTunes

Apple’s Special Education Category Back in April, Apple had a Special Education image and link that showed up on the front page of the iTunes store. (We posted about it here on April 22) It was there on the first page for a few weeks and then disappeared. I assumed that it would be.... Read More > >

Special Education Category in iTunes App Store

Change makes it easier to find Special Education apps During the iPad2 announcement on March 2, 2011 (see the video here), Apple highlighted the importance of the iPad as a special education tool. And obviously, you know where I stand on that subject – the iPad is a game changer when it comes to.... Read More > >

Technology and Autism

Why are People with Autism Motivated by the Computer? Today’s Community Connections email newsletter from Autism Speaks includes an interview with Vicki Clarke, Owner and President of Dynamic Therapy Associates, Inc. and Vicki provides what I believe is the clearest explanation of why a high percentage of people with autism are motivated by the.... Read More > >