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HollyRod Foundation giving away iPads for Autistic families in need

The HollyRod foundation recognizes the value of the iPad as a great learning tool for Autistic children. They are accepting donations and giving away iPads to families in need this holiday season. Click the link for morw information and to donate or apply – HOLIDAY 2010 – HollyRod Foundation.

How the iPad has changed the game

The evolution of the handheld devices and tablet technology has opened up a world of new opportunities to improve upon existing technology capabilities. Current ebook devices allow a reader to carry a huge library of hundreds of books in a package the size of a single paperback. Network connectivity allows the reader to select.... Read More > >

The evolution of the mobile, “app” mentality

The evolution of mobile technology has produced a paradigm shift in the way we use technology and the way we gather and share information and interact with each other. The iPhone in particular has changed the way we view “applications”. In the past software applications were cumbersome, expensive, and bound to your PC or.... Read More > >