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Why aren’t education apps being used?

Unfulfilled promise At Brain Parade we regularly speak with teachers and administrators about the technology tools that they use to work with the special needs students in their classrooms. A common refrain is that there are many education apps that look great on paper and hold great promise in terms of the results that they.... Read More > >

Growing special needs population puts strain on teachers and school districts

Teachers and aides everywhere are feeling the strain of the increase in the number of children with disabilities in their classrooms. 13% of all students enrolled in public schools have a disability[1]. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the US today with more than three million individuals on the spectrum[2]. According to the.... Read More > >

Autism Live Show features Brain Parade

Yesterday Stephanie O’Brien and I had the opportunity to talk about See.Touch.Learn. on the incredibly informative Autism Live Show (www.autism-live.com). Hosted by Shannon Pernod, the Autism Live Show is an interactive webshow providing support, resources, information, facts, entertainment and inspiration to anyone working with children on the Autism Spectrum. It was a great experience and Shannon is.... Read More > >

Is it Back to School time already?

Summer always seems to go by fast, but this summer seemed especially brief.  Maybe it’s the prospect of sending two of my three children off the college this fall or perhaps it’s simply all the exciting activity going on at Brain Parade this summer.  As the summer comes to a close, I thought it would.... Read More > >

Using See.Touch.Learn. with Foreign Language

Did you know you could use See.Touch.Learn. with languages other than english?  That’s right. We designed the combination of text prompts, text-to-speech audio prompts, and recorded audio prompts in See.Touch.Learn. to give you great flexibility in choosing how you want to use language in your instruction. You can use english for your text prompts, and record.... Read More > >

Brain Parade Celebrates Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month This year’s BHSM theme is “Communication Disorders Are Treatable”. See.Touch.Learn.® is used extensively by Speech and Hearing professionals around the globe to work with individuals with communication disorders. Brain Parade celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month by reducing the price of See.Touch.Learn. Pro to just $29.99 USD through May 31st..... Read More > >