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Special Education Schools & Institutions Benefit From Educational App

comparison-table-imgAs an enterprise-class solution provider, we are different from other “app vendors” because we offer an innovative product used by thousands of schools around the globe. We partner with schools to provide a smooth implementation and rollout of the customized See. Touch. Learn.TM program, and for on-going training and support.

A Partner In Your Achievement Goals for Schools and Districts

See.Touch.Learn. SITE Edition is designed for schools, districts and therapy centers, providing teachers and therapists with the power and flexibility to create fully customized visual lessons – all within one standardized app. Easily deliver effective, custom instruction to each student by leveraging technology and sharing resources. The SITE Edition automatically tracks student data from each lesson. Results and notes can be saved for an unlimited number of students. SITE Edition Users gain access to a private community where they can share and exchange peer-reviewed activities and lessons. SITE Edition customers also receive premium levels of support and additional training options to ensure your team is best equipped to deliver optimal instruction.




Special Education Schools and Institutions Benefit From Educational App


Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn language development app is our revolutionary visual language development program for students with special needs. Unlike other “app vendors”, we work directly with schools, districts, and therapy centers. Our SITE edition provides therapists, educators, teachers and school administrators with a flexible, easy to use system to create fully visual lesson plans, educational games and challenging programs for special education schools and classrooms. Professionals who work with children with special needs love See.Touch.Learn because it gives them the power to create fully customized visual lesson plans for each student with a click of a button. Custom instruction can be delivered to each student and progress can be monitored and shared electronically. Student data can be tracked, saved and shared with parents, teachers, and other users. The lesson plans created by partnering institutions can be evaluated and incorporated into your curriculum if desired. Peer reviews are encouraged to enhance the learning process and promote team participation.




What Do I Receive with the SITE Edition?

Our See.Touch.Learn SITE edition app is set up to serve schools, agencies and districts with 10 or more iPads. It includes all of the same features found in See.Touch.Learn. Pro including 4,400 images, 2,000 exercises, and access to the Brain Parade Community. SITE edition customersalso lessons and libraries securely with their colleagues Only authorized users can access this private community, helping you comply with HIPPA and FERPA regulations. The SITE edition allows users to track data for an unlimited number of students. This feature is invaluable to your faculty and allows them to work with multiple students using the same iPad. SITE edition customers also receive premium levels of support and have access to ongoing training not available to others. We want to ensure your staff feels confident to deliver optimal instruction to each student using See.Touch.Learn.

What Are the Benefits for Our Students?

Students with autism, learning disabilities, language delays and other developmental delays are eager to learn and respond positively to the See.Touch.Learn app. Using the iPad gives these students an opportunity to become skillful at using technology while learning something as simple as how to identify which animals live on a farm. The electronically delivered program is fun, exciting and beneficial to kids who cannot communicate verbally or who need to improve their language development skills. Kids are enthralled when they pick the correct answer and hear the positive audio reinforcement. Educators from around the world are sharing their stories of success as students move forward using See.Touch.Learn as part of their daily curriculum.

How will See.Touch.Learn Impact my Facility?

Your faculty and staff will have one portable tool to manage and create all of their visual instruction lessons for their students. When working with special needs children, teachers and therapists have to be mindful of shorter attention spans and frequent interruptions. Our iPad app is user-friendly, easily modified, and can be used without keeping up with stacks of flashcards and data collection paperwork. The app saves time and allows teachers to teach while in the classroom. If a student walks away from the table, his lesson can be resumed with the click of a button. Users can record audio prompts or use the text-to-speech voice prompts. Images, lessons and libraries can be easily searched by keywords. Folders can be created to organize lesson plans, images and student data. Custom training by Brain Parade Staff is available for SITE edition customers.




BP_StephanieOur Staff Is Ready to Answer Your Questions, and Help You Get Started Today!

Brain Parade users have shared their positive experiences through the video reviews you’ll find as you navigate our website. If you are ready to get started, we are here to help and guide you. See.Touch.Learn will help your special needs students shine as they learn to use state of the art technology while improving their speech and their ability to absorb and retain information. We look forward to serving you!

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Institutional Benefits

  • A single, portable tool to manage all of your picture cards and lessons for all of your students – no more bulky cards to lug around and no more realizing you’ve left the card you need somewhere else
  • Create custom lessons using an intuitive click and drag interface
  • The same app that your colleagues and your students’ families are using – Share lessons and results with other professionals and parents – imagine emailing pre-work or homework to your students!
  • A Private Community for sharing content with your colleagues.
  • Copy, modify and reuse lessons! – No more building and rebuilding lessons like with with physical cards
  • Results automatically captured – no more manual tracking and reporting
  • Cards and lessons are saved electronically – no worn-out, torn or lost cards
  • Huge variety of gorgeous high-quality photos – thousands at your fingertips
  • Affordable – add cards for a fraction of the cost of traditional picture cards
  • Unlimited student data collection.

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