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Parent Benefits: Customized Lessons For Children With Learning Disabilities

BP_Parents-v2Parents love Brain Parade products because they are designed specifically for special needs children using the latest technology, plus they are affordable, portable and effective. But most of all, they love them because their kids love them.

Flexible and Fun, At-Home Instruction for Families

iPadsx23_parents1The most effective learning is designed to relate to your child’s specific interests, needs and situations. See.Touch.Learn. brings enjoyable and effective visual lessons to the home and offers lesson plans that are ready to use and organized by learning objective and student type. Teach new concepts or reinforce your child’s classroom instruction.

If you have a child with autism or other obstacles standing in the way of language development, the See.Touch.Learn program, a product of Brain Parade, allows you to create your own customized instruction plan for your child.

Our revolutionary visual learning program is stimulating and exciting for the young learner. The program makes it easy to create lesson that target specific interests of your child. With See.Touch.Learn you create lessons using our high quality images or images from your own collection. We have over 40 libraries, containing more 4,400 images and 2,200 exercises.




parents-language-development-appSee.Touch.Learn and the Preschool Child

Early intervention is so important for children with autism and other developmental delays. Our unique program can be fine-tuned for your child before he reaches school age. You can work with your preschooler in the comfort of your own living room, using your iPad to create, teach and store your one of a kind curriculum. You can assess your child’s progress and create lessons that focus on the areas of concern. Your preschooler will delight in the audio enhanced program. He can listen to questions, and respond to the audible tone that lets him know he has chosen the correct answer. Educators report the positive impact of our innovative learning system is almost immediate for their students. Why not provide your preschooler with a learning advantage and opportunity to use and understand how technology works with the See.Touch.Learn program?

Let’s Make Learning Fun!

Language development exercises don’t have to be boring. The See.Touch.Learn app appeals to kids with special needs who love technology. No more piles of flash cards or crumpled black and white paper work books. Lessons, educational games and progress reports are all easily accessible on your iPad. Kids relate to the high quality, colorful images found in our vast library. Our highly trained staff of professionals communicate with educators and therapists regularly to assure our program meets the needs and expectations of their students.

See.Touch.Learn in Your Child’s Classroom

Those who work with special needs students on a daily basis are our best resources. We love to hear how students are responding to the program in the classroom, so we can fine-tune the program to appeal to kids on every developmental level. If your child loves animals, we have a broad range of images of zoo animals, farm animals, wild animals, and domestic animals available to create lesson plans that will delight and entertain! Check out all of the categories in our libraries to find the perfect subject matter for your child. Parents and children can work together to create curriculum that will make learning fun and productive. If your child is attending a school that is using the See.Touch.Learn program you’ll be using the same app your child’s teacher is using, providing a great way to reinforce learning at home.




language-development-app-for-autismAll You Need to Get Started is an iPad and the See.Touch.Learn App

The creation of the iPad has impacted millions of people in businesses around the world. Our founder, Jim McClafferty, recognized the opportunity to teach people with special needs using iPad technology and an app that could be easily modified to meet the needs of the user. The program is cost effective and portable. Families, teachers, therapists and caregivers can quickly access the program with their iPad and never have to worry about keeping up with books, picture boards, or hundreds of flashcards. The materials you’ll need to use our visual learning program are right there at your fingertips. Your child can use the program in the car, in her bedroom, or while waiting in the doctor’s office.

Connect with Others on the Brain Parade User Platform

The Brain Parade Community is another great resource available to parents. When you subscribe to this online group, you can access and download lessons and libraries shared by fellow users around the world. Making contact with other users is a great way to enhance your lesson plans. Parents can share educational games and inventive methods to create successful courses of study. Brain Parade welcomes input from new users and encourages participation in the group for support and feedback.

Try Our Language Development App

You can find See.Touch.Learn and See.Touch.Learn. Pro in the iTunes App store. The included libraries contain beautiful, high quality images that can be combined to create a variety of lessons you design specifically for your child. If you would like to use your own images, you can do that as well. Download or purchase any of our additional libraries containing thousands of additional images. Educating your child can be easy, enjoyable, and effective when you introduce her to See.Touch.Learn. Visit the iTunes App store and download See.Touch.Learn. or See.Touch.Learn. Pro today. You and your child will be glad you did.




BP_Testimonials_FeedbackVoices from the Crowd

“This is incredible! No more picture cards spread out all over the room and no more hunting for the one that I need. This is what we’ve been waiting for!”
–Gwen, Parent of an Autistic Child

Educational iPad App

Benefits for Parents

  • Custom lessons specifically designed for your child
  • A single, portable tool to manage all of your picture cards
  • Cards and lessons are saved electronically – no worn-out, torn or lost cards
  • Huge variety of gorgeous high-quality photos – thousands at your fingertips
  • No more bulky cards to lug around
  • Affordable – add cards for a fraction of the cost of traditional picture cards
  • The ability to automatically record and track your child’s progress
  • The same app that your child’s teachers are using – coordinate and share lessons and results

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