The Brain Parade app is an excellent educational resource for many people, industries and professionals. It can be developed to fit your needs.

Parent Benefits: Customized Lessons For Children With Learning Disabilities

Parents love Brain Parade products because they are designed specifically for special needs children using the latest technology, plus they are affordable, portable and effective. But most of all, they love them because their kids love them.

Flexible and Fun, At-Home Instruction for Families

The most effective learning is designed to relate to your child’s specific interests, needs and situations. See.Touch.Learn. brings enjoyable and effective visual lessons to the home and offers lesson plans that are ready to use and organized by learning objective and student type. Teach new concepts or reinforce your child’s classroom instruction. You don’t need to be an expert. It’s simple to create your own, customized instruction.


Voices from the Crowd

“This is incredible! No more picture cards spread out all over the room and no more hunting for the one that I need. This is what we’ve been waiting for!”
–Gwen, Parent of an Autistic Child

Educational iPad App

Benefits for Parents

  • Custom lessons specifically designed for your child
  • A single, portable tool to manage all of your picture cards
  • Cards and lessons are saved electronically – no worn-out, torn or lost cards
  • Huge variety of gorgeous high-quality photos – thousands at your fingertips
  • No more bulky cards to lug around
  • Affordable – add cards for a fraction of the cost of traditional picture cards
  • The ability to automatically record and track your child’s progress
  • The same app that your child’s teachers are using – coordinate and share lessons and results

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