The Brain Parade app is an excellent educational resource for many people, industries and professionals. It can be developed to fit your needs.

Special Education Teachers Benefit From Educational App

professionals-v2Professionals love Brain Parade products because finally a company has designed education tools with the professional in mind, using the latest technology instead of the tired old devices of the past.

Organized, Effective Teaching for Educators and Therapists

iPadsx23_professionalsSpecial needs teachers face daily challenges as they strive to provide students with new and exciting ways to learn and retain basic concepts. Overcrowded classrooms, restrictive school budgets, and time constraints make it difficult to provide individualized learning programs that focus on the interests and abilities of each student. Brain Parade has built an application that helps teachers communicate with students who have autism and other obstacles to language development in a way that reinforces strengths and identifies problem areas. Precise lessons can be created to help students turn weaknesses into strengths while they have fun using their iPad. See.Touch.Learn. PRO is a cost effective, full-featured, multi-purpose solution that saves you time and enables you to deliver more customized and higher quality instruction. A favorite of professionals because of its flexibility and ease of use, See.Touch.Learn. PRO replaces many single-purpose solutions. Equally effective for instruction and for assessments, one-on-one or in groups, in a classroom or at a learner’s home. The capabilities are only limited by your imagination. With a robust educator community sharing thousands of lessons with each other, new inspiration for your learners is just a click away.




Why Brain Parade?

specialTeachers and students love Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn app. We partner with schools around the globe to provide our users with a language development program that can be easily fine-tuned to meet the needs of every child in your classroom. A click of a button on an iPad will open up a new world of discovery for your students as they develop language building skills using our specialized educational games for kids. Educators have the freedom to create unique lesson plans for each learner without cumbersome boxes of flashcards and workbooks. Thousands of high quality images appear with the tap of a button. Images can be combined to create lessons about everything from farm animals, to modes of transportation and everything in between. If your student is interested in science, a lesson plan can be created to spark enthusiasm and build confidence. Our massive libraries are easy to navigate, and lessons can be modified when changes are indicated. Educators love the flexibility and portability of the program.

Are There Other Benefits for Teachers, Therapists and School Administrators?

Our program consists of 4,400 images and 2,200 customized exercises. The exercises and images can be copied, modified, and reused time and time again. As a See.Touch.Learn. user, you will be thrilled when you discard those boxes of ragged flash cards and replace them with our electronically accessible, high quality images. You can set your own course of study in the classroom, based on your student’s interests and abilities. All of your lessons are saved electronically for your convenience. New cards can be added easily, or your own images can be incorporated into your lesson plan, using a simple click and drag method. Student lesson scores can be saved and emailed to parents and administrators. Teachers and administrators can monitor each student’s progress and utilize the information for parent conferences and IEP meetings.

What is the Brain Parade Community?

The Brain Parade Community is a collaborative environment where teachers, therapists and administrators can share and download libraries of images and lessons with thousands of users in 104 countries around the globe. Simply search for the lesson or library using keywords and download it directly to your iPad in seconds. User ratings help you identify the best content available.





What if I Need Help or Additional Training?

Our interactive demo walks you through all features of the program from creating and setting up your lesson plans, to monitoring and checking your student’s responses and progress. You can navigate the entire app in less than 5 minutes. Determining which edition is right for you or your school is easy. Compare our educational app products by simply scrolling through the easy to read chart on our website that outlines the components of each edition and lists the content, features and highlights that are standard with each option. Customers who purchase See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition can access an online webinar that introduces the See.Touch.Learn app and its features. See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition customers may choose to purchase on site training – a two-hour training program that provides a more in-depth, hands-on instruction for faculty members. Support is available through the Brain Parade support forum and via email requests. Our goal at Brain Parade is 100% customer satisfaction.

See.Touch.Learn is Just a Click Away!

A single, portable tool can provide all of this and more. Students will be eager to arrive in the classroom and get started on this visual, interactive learning tool. They will marvel at the visual and audio reward systems they receive when they master a lesson. Teachers will have more time to teach and interact with their students because they will not have to spend hours developing lesson plans. Best of all, See.Touch.Learn. is affordable and can be re-used and modified without wasting valuable school budget dollars. No more scrambling to buy expensive card systems when cards are lost or worn out. Parents have reported positive results for their children who who work with See.Touch.Learn. Vocabulary and language development skills have improved by leaps and bounds in special needs classrooms. Our competent and helpful staff is standing by to help you implement the program in your school today. Your team of professionals, students and parents will thank you!





BP_Testimonials_FeedbackVoices from the Crowd

“I appreciate the convenience of See.Touch.Learn.™. No more lugging around cards! I’ve got thousands of great images, plus my lessons and records—all at my fingertips.”
–Maria, Special Needs Instructor

special needs iPad app

Benefits for Professionals

  • A single, portable tool to manage all of your picture cards and lessons for all of your students – no more bulky cards to lug around and no more realizing you’ve left the card you need somewhere else
  • Create custom lessons using an intuitive click and drag interface
  • The same app that your colleagues and your students’ families are using – Share lessons and results with other professionals and parents – imagine emailing pre-work or homework to your students!
  • Copy, modify and reuse lessons! – No more building and rebuilding lessons like with with physical cards
  • Results automatically captured – no more manual tracking and reporting
  • Cards and lessons are saved electronically – no worn-out, torn or lost cards
  • Huge variety of gorgeous high-quality photos – thousands at your fingertips
  • Affordable – add cards for a fraction of the cost of traditional picture cards

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